Meet Hostinger at WordCamp Europe 2024

Summer is coming, and so is WordCamp Europe 2024! Taking place in Torino, Italy, from June 13th to 15th, this event promises great opportunities to learn and connect with fellow WordPress enthusiasts from around the world.

If you’re not familiar with WordCamp, it is a lively conference dedicated to the WordPress ecosystem. WordCamp Europe is one of three flagship-level conferences alongside WordCamp US and WordCamp Asia. Historically, WordCamp Europe is also the biggest, attracting more than 2,000 attendees.

Whether you’re a WordPress pro or just starting out, WordCamp Europe has something for everyone. Expect inspiring talks from over 50 speakers, hands-on workshops, and the chance to meet a passionate community of WordPress users. I will walk you through what you can expect from this year’s event.

Hostinger is thrilled to support this year’s WordCamp Europe as an Admin Sponsor. If you’re planning to attend, we’re looking forward to meeting you there!

Connecting With the WordPress Community

Each WordCamp is an opportunity for us to connect with our clients in person.

We welcome everyone in our booth to chat about our products and discuss everything WordPress. Direct feedback and insights from WordCamp attendees are some of the catalysts of our product development, helping us deliver the best hosting experience possible.

We will also showcase the latest features of our managed WordPress hosting and provide a demo so you can experience them firsthand. I’ll give you a sneak peek:

  • Pre-built WordPress websites – set up a hosting plan and WordPress website in one go, complete with pre-built templates installed.
  • Pre-built Amazon Affiliate websites – create an Amazon affiliate website easily using the Hostinger Amazon Affiliate plugin and theme.
  • AI Chatbot in WordPress dashboard – need help when managing your WordPress site? Ask our AI Chatbot in your WordPress dashboard for a quick guide.

But that’s not all – we also want to celebrate the success of our clients and share their stories with the community. We will have local farmhouse products from an Italian client that visitors will be able to taste, plus other unique merchandise.

Be sure to drop by our booth! We’ll gladly chat with you, hear your stories, and discuss all things WordPress.

Hostinger’s Contribution to the WordPress Community

Our contribution to WordCamp Europe 2024 goes beyond just sponsorship. Our team will also volunteer and contribute to various projects alongside the WordPress community.

Jumping Into the Organizers Team

This year’s WordCamp Europe is a special one, as it’s our first time getting involved directly in a flagship WordCamp’s organizing team. Emma Young – our Head of Content, is a part of WordCamp Europe’s Content Team, and Marco Chiesi – our Head of WordPress, is a part of the Local Team.

Emma’s role as a part of the Content Team is selecting the speakers, which includes setting the application timeline and vetting all the applications.

“We also need to think about the diversity of the topics – how many about web development, how many about WordPress community, and so on. We choose the speakers and create a schedule for the sessions,” Emma explains.

As a part of the Local Team, Marco is in charge of supporting logistics, sourcing local suppliers and venues, and getting patronages. He’s no stranger to WordCamps, having years of experience in the community.

“Organizing WordCamp Europe 2024 has been rewarding. Having participated in many WordCamps as an attendee, speaker, volunteer, and sponsor, I really wanted to contribute from the other side this time,” Marco says fondly of the experience.

In the pursuit of patronage, he also contributed a significant achievement that will take WordCamp Europe 2024 to the next level. “One of my proudest achievements was securing the patronage of the European Parliament, which elevates the event’s prestige and demonstrates our commitment to fostering a European community spirit.”

Contributing to the Open Source Project

Hostinger has participated in the Five for the Future pledge, with 29 contributors spread into different teams, including Documentation, Plugins, Support, and Polyglot.

Contributors Day – a dedicated day where contributors and WordCamp attendees work together on the WordPress project, is a mainstay of any flagship WordCamp. In this year’s WordCamp Europe, it will take place on the first day on June 13th.

I’m excited to co-lead the Documentation Table with Milana Cap, the Documentation Team representative. This is my second time contributing as a table co-lead afterWordCamp Asia 2024.

The rest of the Hostinger team members will also participate in various Contributors Day tables, including Hosting, Marketing, Plugins, and Support teams.

What You Can Expect In WordCamp Europe 2024

With over 50 speakers participating, you can expect a truly insightful WordCamp Europe 2024 experience.

It will begin with the keynote session from Joost de Valk and Juliette Reinders Folmer on the topic of the future sustainability of open source. They will discuss how to make open-source software projects sustainable in the long run and the action points that the community needs to take.

Other sessions include WordPress-focused topics, such as Michał Czapliński’s session about Interactivity API. It’s a new feature introduced in WordPress 6.5 that opens more possibilities to make a better front-end user experience. If you want to learn how to build interactive block elements, this session is for you.

Or maybe you’re excited about the latest Twenty Twenty-Four default theme and its flexibility. Jessica Lyschik – the Default Theme Co-Lead from the WordPress 6.4 release squad, will talk more about it and why it’s a game changer.

Business owners, fear not. WordCamp Europe 2024 will also have sessions about digital marketing, especially if your website is running on WordPress.

Travis Lima, a WooCommerce Customer Success Manager, will share 10 methods for converting visitors into customers. He’ll use real-world examples, like how he helped a brand increase sales by 35% through checkout optimization, to prove that even minor tweaks can make a big impact.

To learn more and find sessions that interest you the most, check out the WordCamp Europe 2024 schedule page.

Here’s a pro tip from me: decide which talks you want to attend ahead of time. This will give you a smoother experience on the day, especially if the schedule requires you to move quickly from one room to another.

Also, be mindful that there are three halls, and up to three sessions can coincide. If you want to attend two sessions that take place at the same time, pick the one you’re more interested in and catch the other session’s livestream recording instead.

Remember that there will also be a handful of side events. You can check them out on the WordCamp Europe side event page. We’ll be there at some of them, too!

See You at WordCamp Europe 2024!

WordCamps are always ideal for meeting new people, building networks, and introducing your business or project to the WordPress community.

We hope to see you in Torino for WordCamp Europe 2024 very soon!

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