March 2024 WordPress Updates: Bluehost Cloud, Gutenberg 18.0 and More


March has been an eventful month for WordPress developers and website owners, with the end of the first quarter of 2024 bringing many good updates while others have been delayed.

In this blog, we will delve into the major WordPress updates, including the newly launched Bluehost Cloud hosting plans, highlights of WordCamp Asia, the latest release of Gutenberg 18.0, and the reasons behind the delay of the WordPress 6.5 release. So, let’s dive in and explore the WordPress updates for March 2024. 

Bluehost Cloud hosting released 

Bluehost’s much-awaited Cloud hosting plans launched on March 7th. We have built our cloud-based hosting solution in collaboration with to deliver the most robust support for websites with high traffic and demanding performance requirements. 

With Bluehost Cloud, you can expect managed WordPress hosting with 100% network uptime, faster page load times, and unmatched performance. Our Cloud hosting plans cater to the needs of professionals and agencies, and they can handle any traffic spikes without charging customers extra. Some significant features of Bluehost Cloud include: 

Managed WordPress 

Bluehost Cloud offers the ultimate solution for a hassle-free website building experience. With our fully managed services, you can focus on creating amazing content while we take care of everything else.  

From PHP configurations to WordPress Core updates, automatic backups, and security layers, we have got you covered. Our infrastructure is optimized specifically for WordPress websites, ensuring plugins, themes, and backups run smoothly without any compatibility issues. 

100% network availability and uptime 

We offer a 100% network availability SLA, meaning your site will always be online for visitors. If any issues arise in the entire data center, our auto-failover system replicates your website and all its files to a separate location, keeping your online presence uninterrupted. 

Plus, we offer a built-in CDN that optimizes images and delivers edge server caching to reduce page load times.  

Built-in security 

We prioritize your website’s security and trust, and that’s why all our plans come with automated protection against malicious attacks. It includes DDoS protection, a web application firewall, and backups. 

Our ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL’ ensures that the data sent to and from your website is secure and encrypted. This can protect your site from hackers and scammers. You can also enable 2-factor authentication on your accounts to prevent unauthorized access and enhance protection. 

24/7 priority support 

Our team of trained WordPress experts is available 24/7 to provide you with instant assistance and guidance for any WordPress-related queries. With Real Priority Support, you’ll speak directly to a Level 3 technician. 

Gutenberg 18.0 released 

Gutenberg 18.0 was released on March 27 and is now available for download. This release comes packed with additional Data View work, featured image and media+text block improvements, and a host of bug fixes and performance enhancements. 

Here are some additions to the new version: 

  • The newly added Sitewide Color and Typography in Gutenberg 18.0 version can streamline designer’s workflow. They can now select and set colors and typography across the entire site. This simplifies the design process and saves time for designers. 
  • Now, the designers can also use Media + Text block in a template, as it supports the featured image option. This works for both individual pages and posts, giving designers more freedom to create visually stunning designs that leave a lasting impression. 
  • The data views screens have also been changed with improved filters and an updated Template index page. Users can now select multiple filters to narrow down their search results and get the information they need more easily. 
  • One final improvement worth mentioning is grid layout development. Now you can easily group blocks into a grid using the transform feature. While the Column Start and Row Start controls allow you to drag and drop blocks around the grid so they look just right.  

WordPress 6.5 release delayed 1 week 

The release of WordPress 6.5 was delayed by a week to accommodate more significant changes. The new version was released on Tuesday, April 2. 

The relocation of the font storage directory to wp-content/uploads/fonts is one of the major changes in this release. The Editor team also fixed some high impact bugs that were identified with the Font Library feature in Gutenberg 18.0. 

The delay in the release allowed ample time for thorough testing. And since Thursday to Monday was a major holiday in different parts of the globe, the delay ensured that more people would be available to test the new release. 

These changes make it easier for more sites to benefit from the Font Library feature without the need for any additional installations or configurations. 

WordCamp Asia 2024 

WordCamp Asia 2024 was a remarkable three-day event that took place in Taiwan from March 7 to 9. The event highlighted the growing global influence of the WordPress community. It also attracted a diverse range of attendees from over 70 countries, with 36% of them as first timers. 

WordCamp Asia also featured an impressive lineup of 55 speakers, including industry leaders like Noel Tock, Ben Thompson, Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Matt Mullenweg, and Ju-Chun Ko, who enriched the event with their insights. 

With the support of 39 sponsors, including Bluehost, the event welcomed 1892 registrants and 1320 attendees. And more than 6300 people joined virtually via Livestream.  

Moreover, this year’s WordCamp Asia set a historic milestone by gathering 627 contributors. This made the event the largest Contributor Day in Asia and the first for Taiwan. It was also successful in welcoming 110 new contributors, highlighting the growing enthusiasm and contributions within the community. 

One of the major themes of WordCamp Asia was the significance of open-source software in creating a community garden, which symbolizes freedom from copyright restrictions and usage limitations. During the Q&A session, attendees addressed inquiries about community involvement, contributions, and ongoing projects such as Data Liberation, community inclusion initiatives, and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Wrapping it up

Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting providers, highly recommended by WordPress. And we have partnered with them to offer the best Managed WordPress platform for our Cloud hosting. 

Our Cloud hosting is maintained by WordPress experts and is perfect for professionals and agencies who require fast, scalable resources and advanced management tools. Also, we do not charge extra for traffic spikes or limit resources as your site grows, unlike other Managed WordPress providers.  

When you sign up for our WordPress Cloud hosting plan, you’ll get the latest version of WordPress pre-installed on your website. This ensures better security and responsiveness. 

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