How organized a scavenger hunt around Times Square with AWeber landing pages


With just 24 hours before a huge event, a small team created a successful scavenger hunt.

Stacys is the creator and project lead for the wildly successful NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project Hunnys. This past June, she and her team were gearing up for their appearance at NFT.NYC, a networking event and trade show dedicated to promoting NFT projects and showcasing creators from around the globe. 

Over 15,000 exhibitors and visitors were set to descend on Times Square, and the team was determined to deliver a unique experience for any Hunnys community members in attendance — while also engaging with potential new fans. With the event a mere 24 hours away, they decided on a scavenger hunt. By using AWeber Landing Pages, Hunnys delivered one of the coolest community-based events at the show. 

“The night before the event, we started brainstorming all of these new ideas for the scavenger hunt that we hadn’t previously planned for. Thanks to AWeber, we were able to go from planning to execution to delivery in a matter of hours.”

— Rat Benetar, Community Manager

A tweet announcing the scavenger hunt.

How Did It

The first step was building out the event’s main landing page to detail the specifics of the hunt. The team chose their new domain name directly within the landing page editor. Next they connected their Canva account and started creating the framework for the event. 

The Hunnys crew then planted 17 plastic eggs around the conference venues and Times Square. Inside of each egg was a QR code. When scanned, the code would link directly to each egg’s specific Prize Page. These pages were also all created within AWeber, each with a custom page path. 

A tweet explaining how the scavenger hunt would work.

The prizes ranged from hats and hoodies to one “grand prize” of .5 Ethereum (a type of Crypto currency), so the team also needed a way to securely identify the original winner and deliver the rewards. The solution was to include a button on each landing page that when clicked would share a pre-written tweet. That tweet would identify the winner while also notifying the Hunnys team that an egg had been found. 

One of the hidden eggs in the scavenger hunt.

In the end, all but two eggs were found. So if you’re heading to Manhattan any time soon, keep your eyes peeled!

Ultimately, the team received plenty of kudos and praise from exhibitors and participants alike.

Praise for how well the scavenger hunt came off.
What the Hunnys logo looks like

The Hunnys community saw a bump in engagement across Twitter and Discord as existing members and new fans joined in the fun. Still, the most important takeaway for the Hunnys team?

“In a space as crowded & excited as the NFT market, it’s really important to stand out and deliver a unique experience for your audience. Our brand is all about fun, community, and celebrating innovation. We were thrilled we got to deliver an experience that met those values we believe in.”

— Rat Benetar, Community Manager

If you’re hunting for a creative way to engage your audience, here’s a step-by-step template detailing exactly how Hunnys used AWeber to stand out in the crowd. 

How to create a scavenger hunt (or any other event) with AWeber’s landing page builder 

Step 1: Get a domain for your pages

The team started by going to the domains page in their account. To get there, go to your AWeber dashboard, then click on your company name and address in the lower left-hand corner. This will take you to your “My Account” page. Look for “Domains and Addresses” in the second left column,  and click ‘Get one now from Google Domains’.

Where to find the landing page domain settings in your AWeber account

Step 2: Set up their event’s home page in the landing page editor

Hunnys built the home page of their scavenger hunt site first. With a little help from a landing page template, they had their first page created in a snap.

The welcome page for Hunnys digital scavenger hunt.

Then they changed the path setting for their page so it was the home page (also known as the “index” page) for their domain.

How Hunnys defined which landing page would be the home page.

Step 3: Set up the rest of the landing pages for the event

Hunnys used a series of 17 pages, one for each egg. That sounds like a lot of work, but they made it a snap by using the ‘Copy’ function in AWeber’s landing pages.

How Hunnys saved time copying their landing pages.

They gave each copied landing page a unique URL. Then they decided on a specific prize for each page.

Here’s what it looked like after they’d set up all the pages: 

The list of landing pages Hunnys used to create a scavenger hunt

And here’s what one of the landing pages looked like.

Hunnys landing page built using AWeber

Each page also included a button with a clear call to action that when clicked would ‘Notify the Hunnys Team’ by populating a pre-written tweet for the person which would include that page’s unique code.

A tweet announcing that someone found an egg - and a special code that identified the winner and which prize they won.

Using Canva (which is integrated with AWeber, so you can access your Canva account from within your AWeber account, right from the landing page builder) the Hunnys team was able to generate a series of 17 QR codes, each linking to the 17 unique landing pages they had set up. 

Those QR codes were printed and placed into the eggs. Now the team had the eggs ready to hide in Times Square and in the conference event hall.

After hiding each egg, the team would tweet out a clue to give people a general idea of where to look.

One of the clues Hunnys gave people so all the eggs would be found.

Then all they had to do was wait. As people started finding the eggs, one by one, they would scan the QR code in the egg with their phone, and then trigger the tweet that Hunnys had set up, thereby claiming their prize.

The printed QR code that Hunnys used to create a scavenger hunt

The result? Hunnys got a ton of visibility and built up an even stronger bond with their tribe. Stacys loved the result, and how easy it was to make the whole thing happen with AWeber: “Tools like what AWeber provides are invaluable to me as a business owner. Our industry moves fast and when we get a big idea, being able to bring it to life this quickly provides us with a leg-up on the competition.”

Create your own scavenger hunt — or any other event — with AWeber’s landing pages

You can borrow this scavenger hunt template for your own event, or use it as inspiration for how to create a website fast. A setup like this could be used for a birthday party, a corporate event, or even for a family retreat. Or you could create a simple website for a walking challenge, a charity, or a bike race. AWeber’s landing pages can be used for much more than giving away ebooks or thank you pages.

Sign up for your free AWeber account to get started.


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