Social Media Mistakes Made by Business Owners


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Social media has been used by businesses for a long time. Nowadays, it is hard to find a business that has not shown its presence on social media. Businesses mainly use it for marketing and to advertise the business. However, not all business owners know how to manage their social media fronts. These are some of the mistakes they make while using social media in business.

Customer Interaction

Not Interacting with Followers

Most consumers look for businesses that are on social media. Social media has become the top preference for communication between consumers and the business. Most businesses know the importance of communication in businesses and how social media makes it easier to reach a larger crowd. However, one mistake ventures make is not interacting with consumers on social media. Business should always give their customers something to look forward to that will make customers want to go back to their pages.

No Response to Comments and Reviews

Customers want businesses to respond to them. One mistake business owners make is not responding to customer reviews and comments. Customers want to identify with companies that respond to their customers. Responding to reviews will make customers feel appreciated, and the business will be considered as caring. Good comments show the business that it is meeting the expectations of the target market while those that are negative guide the company on what to change and how they can improve their services.

Selling too Much or too Little

Customers do not like being bombarded by sales people. They will try and escape by any means possible, and it also applies to social media. Social media users do not like hard sells on products and services. It is advisable to build relationships with the social media users to generate more sales. Not having a sales strategy is not considered a smart move by any business. At first, it is advisable to build credibility and market the brand. However, at some point, the business is expected to have a sales plan for their products and services. Businesses are meant to use social media to build up the customer’s confidence in the brand and after that sell products to them.

Post Overload

While it is recommended for companies to post different things on their pages, it is important to ensure they do not overload the pages. Even when posting content, the business should ensure that they only post relevant content. The posts should be spread out and planned so that they do not overwhelm the users.

Platforms and Presentation

Spreading Yourself too Thin

Being on social media takes a lot of time and effort. You will have to keep communication channels open and keep giving informational messages that will make the website stand out. The mistake businesses make is not being on enough platforms. It will be better if a business goes on two or three platforms. It is advisable for companies to maximize on the three platforms than be on numerous platforms where you perform poorly.

Too Controlling and not Giving to Get

Everyone makes mistakes, and that includes companies. Customers want to see something authentic about business, and they want a business that is willing to accept criticism. One can learn a lot from positive criticism. Business owners just need to be open-minded when using social media platforms.

Inconsistent Branding

A business should have a consistent brand. Customers want to find consistency on social media platforms. Having an inconsistency in different social media platforms makes customers not trust the brand. The credibility of the brand will be in question, and that is not good for the company. You should ensure that the business brand remains constant in all platforms to ensure customers do not question whether the business is trustworthy. If a company is credible, customers are more likely to get products from the company.

Business Concerns

Having an Undifferentiated Strategy

Repetition leads to boredom. Having multiple sites is a great benefit to a company, but it becomes boring if the same message is on all the sites. Social media users want variety. Utilize the use of various platforms to advertise different aspects of the business. That way, the business will keep posting new content that will entice the consumer to look at the business more.

Poor Use of Leverage

Enterprises know a lot about the products they deal with. When the knowledge is used on social media, it attracts users who will go on various platforms to interact with the business and learn more. A company should consider its knowledge as leverage. It should not give out too much information as customers will not have a reason to go on the platform. Over delegating shows that a company is inexperienced and without leverage, the business will be at a disadvantage.

Failure to Establish Metrics

Businesses that operate on a social media front should know how well their campaigns are working. Not evaluating social media is a waste of investment. The metrics will enable the company to know if the company is stagnant or making any progress. Metrics should be checked for the business to know how they should alter their strategy to increase the sales.

Over-Relying on Social Media

Social media marketing is increasingly gaining popularity since it is affordable and is easy to operate. Many companies end up putting too much faith in it instead of looking for other avenues like Internet marketing that pays even more. Using social media is beneficial for business. However, other avenues should be considered.

Social media is essential for the growth of business. Enterprises get to market themselves to a larger audience. With calls to action, companies get to increase their sales that are good for the growth of the business. There are different social media platforms available for companies to utilize. Companies should choose the platforms that will work best with them and maximize their use. Using social media platforms in the correct manner is beneficial for businesses especially in the growing digital world.


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