How Envato is Empowering Creators to Harness the Opportunities of AI

We want Envato to continue to be a place of empowerment, somewhere that advocates for creative success to be not just accessible but achievable for all. That means we can’t sit on the sidelines as the evolution of this latest technology unfolds.  The announcement last week of our new Author Terms and Conditions is another important step forward in this quest for balance, and commitment to uplifting our community. It’s why our foundational values included When The Community Succeeds, We Succeed, and why we believe making these changes put us in the best position to seek out opportunities that will broaden the earning potential of our authors, while still protecting – and hopefully enhancing – their creative livelihoods. Thousands of creators have now earned more than $1.2 billion USD through Envato, and that is something to be both celebrated and protected.  

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