The Mindful Palette: Živilė’s Approach to Work-Life Balance

Finding harmony between work and personal passions often seems a delicate dance. However, for Živilė, a Senior Product Designer at Hostinger, achieving this balance is essential, especially when working in the IT industry. Learn more about Živilė’s journey toward the UX world and painting portraits.

The First Colors of This Palette

Art was always in Živilė’s soul. Like most artists, she can recount tales of her creativity from childhood. However, her surroundings had nothing to do with art; actually, it seemed foreign at that time.

“It felt like art was for other people. So, I never really had any guidance or tools to explore it,” – says Živilė. 

This led her to start studying law after school. Soon, she realized that it was not going to work. To find her true path, Živilė asked herself: “What would I like to do if I didn’t have to work for money?” 

After some reflection and extensive searching, her initial idea was interior design, which became the first step toward graphic design. 

“This was one of the best decisions and a turning point to more art and design in my life,” says Živilė. 

The First Attempts

Only during the pandemic, when everybody was stuck at home and seeking new hobbies, she remembered her old hobby and saw the perfect chance to dive deep into art. 

Turning to YouTube for guidance, she discovered a whole new world that made her start experimenting with acrylics on canvas. It felt really good.

Živilė's paintings

Obviously, not every stroke of the brush turns out as she hopes. There are days when things just don’t go well, and she feels like she can’t draw what she imagines. While art has its ups and downs, there are always moments of unexpected joy and success.

Where Colors Mix With Hostinger’s Violet

After years in graphic design and branding, Živilė found her way into the UX world, where she sees a blend of design and psychology. Understanding user behavior is crucial for effective designs – you need to have creativity and analytical thinking to be a good designer.

Her journey to Hostinger started by simply noticing an intriguing ad for the company. Impressed by Hostinger’s principles, work culture, and products, she joined as a Senior Product Designer. 

Živilė sees the parallel between her art and her current role. Both require creativity and adherence to certain principles. While painting allows for more artistic freedom, her job demands structure and guidance to create effective designs. This balance of creativity and strategy enables her to enhance user experiences at Hostinger.

Brushing the Stress Away

Živilė finds painting to be a great way to relax. When she paints, she gets so absorbed that time seems to vanish, leaving her fully immersed in the moment. There’s no stress – just her and the canvas. This peaceful feeling helps her clear her mind and feel refreshed for work.

Having a hobby like painting isn’t just fun – it’s a way of staying inspired, focused and productive. To make it work, she tries to start her day early, plan her tasks and breaks in advance, and, most importantly, set clear boundaries for after-work time. By sticking to it, she manages her workload better and still has time for herself. 

“I’m not saying that I have a perfect routine or discipline, but I’m working on it,” says Živilė.

The Best Painting Is the One You Start

Živilė’s journey teaches that diving into art can really lift the spirit. Her tip is straightforward: “Just go ahead and do it. Don’t stress about the end result. Instead, enjoy every moment.”

Živilė's art studio at home

She reminds us that worrying about being perfect often stops us from even starting. So, start small and see where it leads. As Živilė puts it, “Just make the first move and start with something.”  

So, why wait? Take her advice and let creativity guide you – it might just lead to greater happiness and fulfillment.

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