Researchers Are Moving Up the Clock for ‘Q-Day’

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4 industry advances and the inaugural World Quantum Readiness Day underscore the importance of preparing now for quantum-based threats

Several new quantum-focused research developments may have moved up the timeline for needing quantum-resistant cryptography. If you do nothing to prepare now, all of your data that’s secured by modern public key algorithms may be vulnerable to harvest now, decrypt later (HNDL) attacks in the future.

Knowing this, DigiCert and other industry partners are leading the charge into a quantum-ready future by establishing a new quantum security-focused holiday. This event, which will be celebrated on Sept. 26 this year, aims to spur enterprises and governments to action and serves as a day of security-focused reflection.

So, what are governments and organizations doing to prepare for quantum-based threats? And what can you do to improve your organization’s cryptographic agility?

Let’s hash it out.

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