Work From Anywhere – How This Envato Employee Works From the Road Traveling Australia


The best part about van life is there are no average workdays! Sometimes, I’ll stay in the same place for a few days; sometimes, I’ll move on after a day. I generally don’t plan where I’ll be for more than a couple of days in advance. Typically, you’ll find me parked at the beach, a lookout, a park, or occasionally, in an actual campground. Literally anywhere can be your office for the day. Depending on where I’ve stayed overnight, I might need to move on in the morning and find somewhere else to work from, but generally, my morning routine is the same most days: I’ll make a coffee and go for a walk around the place I’m at. Then, I’ll ensure the Starlink is set up and working and get into work for the day. Some days, if I’m trying to get somewhere particular, I might drive for a bit after work. Otherwise, I’ll go for a hike, walk along the beach, or explore the area where I’m staying.


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