Time for a Website Glow-up: Signs Your Site Is Outdated


Your website is the face of your brand. If your site isn’t looking its best, it can negatively affect not only your online presence, but also your user experience and traffic.

In this post, we’ll dive into 5 big signs that your website is in dire need of a makeover; from outdated designs to declining traffic. So let’s make sure your website aligns with the expectations of today’s users!

1. Outdated design: don’t get stuck in time

In the fast-evolving world of web design, keeping up with the latest trends isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about staying relevant and engaging for your audience. So, let’s look at a couple of design trends that are no longer in fashion.

Text overload: less is more

When you visit a website, you don’t want to feel like you’ve stumbled upon a novel rather than a homepage. Nowadays, users crave quick and easily digestible information. So instead of a text-heavy approach, you should find the perfect balance between text, images, videos, and icons.

Avoid dead ends

Navigational nightmares and broken links can frustrate users, and send them packing. That’s why it’s important to always redirect pages you’re no longer using – though be careful of redirecting a certain page too much. You don’t want to redirect the redirect of another redirect. This will lead to a slower site, which is bad for your SEO and your user experience. 

Same goes for your header and footer menus. Check if there are clickable links that don’t lead anywhere, then redirect or delete if necessary.

Say farewell to large hero images

Breathtaking visuals can certainly captivate your audience, but hero images are slowly going out of style. And it’s easy to see why: nowadays, people mostly use their phone to search the internet. Accommodating large hero images for various screen sizes is quite a challenge, and one that doesn’t always work out. 

What’s more, large hero images can take a while to load, which will negatively impact your page speed and user experience. So get rid of that large hero image, and try to find a balance between aesthetic images and functionality.

Let’s skip the background videos

Background videos used to be the successor to static background images. Now, you rarely see them anymore, and with good reason. Just like large hero images, videos can take a long time to load. And with page speed being so important nowadays, that’s a big no-no. 

While background videos are meant to enhance the message and appeal of your site, they usually overshadow your message and call-to-action. Not to mention that people can get tired of autoplaying videos; especially if there’s no way to turn them off. It’s a lot of input that people have to deal with, and if they don’t want to, they’ll leave your site.

Homepage overload

We get it. You want users to know what your business or brand offers. But having every feature on your homepage can be a bit, well, much. Users may feel overwhelmed, and struggle to find your core message. 

If you simplify and streamline your homepage, so it has one (maybe two) clear call-to-action(s), users will be able to easily navigate your site. You’ll be able to show a clear and compelling narrative. 

2. Poor user experience

Your website is your online business card. If people don’t have a great time on your site, you’ll lose customers and your good reputation. That’s why you should always keep an eye on your site’s user experience. If people encounter roadblocks, confusion, or frustration, it’s not just a blip – it’s a red flag, signaling that your website needs a makeover. 

Your site needs to be fast

We’ve mentioned it before, and we’ll say it again: people don’t like to wait. Speed isn’t a luxury, nowadays, it’s a necessity. If your site is slow, people will leave. And Google will too, because they also factor in page speed when it comes to your rankings. 

A speedy website will smoothen your user’s journey, and positively impact your conversion rates. 

Have a simple and intuitive website navigation

You don’t want your website to become a digital maze for users. Because if people can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, they’ll simply leave. Just think about all the information, products or services they’ll miss out on! 

Not to mention, your brand perception will also suffer. Since your website is often the first point of contact between you and your users, you want it to look good and make sense. 

Negative feedback or reviews

Luckily, people aren’t shy about sharing their opinion. Especially if they’ve had a negative experience. So, pay attention to what customers and users are saying. If your website is garnering negative feedback related to your site, then it’s time to update your design.

3. Declining traffic and conversion

If you see a dip in your website traffic or conversion rate, it might be a sign that your site needs a makeover. Let’s look at a couple of reasons why your traffic or conversion might decline.

A stagnant SEO strategy

Want to rank high in Google’s (and other search engines’) search results? Then you need to work on your SEO. Your business or brand probably already has an SEO strategy. But do you keep it up to date? 

Since search engine algorithms evolve, your SEO strategy needs to evolve too. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably see a decline in your rankings and therefore your visibility.

Disconnect with your target audience

Another reason why you might see a dip in your traffic or conversion, is because your target audience’s behavior or preferences have changed. This doesn’t need to be a big shift. But even a small change can cause them to find your website lacking.

For example, with the rise of AI, a lot of people are looking for content about AI. If your website doesn’t provide posts or features regarding AI, your audience might search for this elsewhere.

An unclear path to conversion

If you see a drop in conversion specifically, then it might be good to check your user journey. When people arrive on your site, is your message clear? Are your call-to-actions clear, compelling, and easy to find? Is your product information up to date? And what about your checkout process? Is it still a smooth and seamless process, or do people need to complete annoying steps? 

4. A mobile-friendly site is a necessity

We’re in the age of smartphones and on-the-go browsing. If you ignore the importance of a site that functions well on smartphones, then you’re essentially shutting the door for a large part of your audience. Check, check, and double check if your site runs well on mobile. And if it doesn’t, you need a better website design.

5. Keep your content up-to-date

Just like your website design needs to be up-to-date, your content has to be too! While you might not change your call-to-action into “Spruce up your digital digs with our website hosting”, it’s good to stay relevant.

Beware of misinformation

Keeping your content up-to-date will help you avoid having misinformation on your site. Especially if your business is in the tech world; which is such a rapidly evolving industry that what was true half a year ago, simply isn’t true now. 

Having misinformation on your site can harm your credibility and reputation as a brand. You want users to see you as an expert. Which is why you should make time to check and possibly rewrite your content.

Staying up-to-date is good for your SEO

Search engines (like Google) like websites that consistently provide up-to-date content and relevant information. With Google’s helpful content update, they’ve decided to specifically focus on providing content that is helpful to users. And helpful content is, almost always, content that is up-to-date.

Need help updating your website design?

If updating your design feels daunting, we’re here to help! Bluehost’s design service team offers tailored solutions for your specific needs. 

Whether you’re looking for a complete redesign or a targeted glow-up, our team of professionals will help you align your design with your brand identity and goals. Your website will be up-to-date and secure, and look aesthetically pleasing.

Conclusion: Let’s get to work

Updating your site isn’t just about changing a few colors and words. You’ll breathe new life into your business strategy by focusing on your user’s needs and wishes, your SEO strategy, and your core message. Plus, you’ll position yourself and your brand as a forward-thinking presence in your industry. So, let’s get to work!

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