Your Security Certificate Has Expired: Here’s How to Fix It (3 Steps)


No one likes realizing that a security certificate expired but is still being used within your organization’s IT environment. Expired certificates result in service outages, unencrypted connections, and ugly “Insecure Connection” warning messages displaying. As you can imagine, all of these things can play havoc on your organization’s reputation and relationships with customers. (None of these things aid your efforts in creating digital trust.)

Unfortunately, with digital certificates having increasingly short lifespans, certificate expirations are bound to happen more frequently for companies that don’t adhere to the industry’s certificate lifecycle management best practices. Research from Keyfactor and the Ponemon Institute’s 2023 State of Machine Identity Management report shows that more than three-quarters (77%) of surveyed organizations experienced at least two “significant” outages stemming from certificate expirations in the previous 24 months. 55% indicate that the outages cause “severe disruptions to customer-facing services.”

We’ve previously written about what happens when your SSL certificate expires and why SSL certificates expire. But what do you do once you realize a security certificate has expired? And why do you need to mitigate the situation ASAP?

We’ll quickly walk you through how to renew a security certificate that expired and share how you can prevent this situation from happening again.

Let’s hash it out.

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