5 Reasons Email Encryption Should Be Next on Your To-Do List


Email encryption helps you fight back against cybercriminals by securing your communications and sensitive email data.

Every day, we read about companies falling prey to phishing attacks that lead to email accounts becoming compromised and attackers gaining access to their employees’ inboxes. A recent example was seen in November 2022 when Work Health Solutions reported an email-related data breach in which names, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, and other sensitive protected health and personally identifiable information were compromised.

Now, imagine that this is your company and one of these compromised accounts belongs to one of your employees. If that data was sent unencrypted, it means that the attacker now has access to your secrets. Uh oh. You can kiss that data’s confidentiality goodbye and say hello to a damaged reputation, future lawsuits, noncompliance penalties, and a slew of other concerns.

But what if that the sensitive info was sent in an encrypted message using an email signing certificate? Then you might be able to sigh a (small) sigh of relief because, as long as the attacker doesn’t have access to your impacted employee’s device, it means that email’s data is protected by secure end-to-end protection. (We’ll speak more about what that entails later in the article.) Phew.

This article will explore five reasons why email encryption should be at the top of your security priorities.

Let’s hash it out.

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