Fitness coach increased subscribers 100%


Alycia McFarlin Fitness Coach


Zumba with Alycia, Fitness Coach

Alycia is a licensed Zumba Instructor. Her in person and online Zumba with Alycia classes are designed with modifications and fitness variations to cater to all participants from beginner to expert.


Alycia was using a sign up form linked to her Facebook page as a way to capture interest subscribers. The problem was the sign up form didn’t include additional information about Alycia’s classes, so visitors didn’t see the reasons why they should sign up for her email list.


Alycia was able to increase sign ups by creating a sign up landing page that increased interest by showing upcoming Zumba events.

Feature: Landing page builder
Time to set up: 10+ minutes


100% increase in email subscribers

“Prior to using AWeber’s landing page builder, I used my Facebook page as the site I shared with people to find me online. I had an AWeber form on my page that people could use to subscribe — no one ever signed up. I wanted a website but didn’t feel the expense was worth it.

I now use an AWeber landing page as my homepage. It’s perfect because I don’t need a full website. It’s a professional looking page that I can send people to get class info and sign up for my email list.”


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