9 Must-Haves of an eCommerce Website in 2022


Upon visiting a new website, most visitors go straight for the website navigation. According to the 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark Report, the average time on a page across all industries is just 54 seconds. After that, the attention span declines.

To help your visitors get where they need to go easily and efficiently—may it be purchasing, looking for additional information, or even getting in touch with customer service—it’s important to make your navigation as user-friendly as possible.

Eye-tracking research shows people spend 80% of their viewing time on the left portion of your website and only 20% on the right side, so to maximize the attention of your audience, pay the most attention to the left-side portion of your site.

Another tip for optimizing your eCommerce website is to make your menu vertical. This makes it easier to shift your navigation to a mobile-responsive design, and can make your website easier to navigate for both new and returning visitors.


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