How to Check If a Website Is Safe to Buy From (And Prove Yours Is)

Looking to make a purchase online? Want prospective customers to feel confident making purchases on your website? We’ll walk through how to know if a website is safe (and what you can do to help your customers verify that your site is legit).

As of Q2 2020, HelpNet Security reported that more than 18,000 fake websites, on average, were being created daily. Based on that calculation, it means an average of at least 6.57 million fraudulent websites were produced annually. This means your employees need to know how to check if a website is safe to buy from so your company doesn’t get scammed by a fake vendor.

Now, put yourself in your prospective customers’ shoes. They’re trying to figure out whether to do business with your company. There are several questions they may ask about your website:

  • Is this site legit?
  • Is this site safe?
  • If a website has a lock, is it safe?
  • Is this website secure?

Let’s explore what constitutes a “safe” site from a user’s perspective and how to tell if a website is safe to buy from. We’ll also talk about what website admins can do to help prove to visitors that their websites are safe and legit.

Let’s hash it out.

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