Google rolls out new shopping features to boost conversions


Google is rolling out new features to help brands engage with shoppers this holiday season:

  • A new deals hub.
  • New pricing tools.
  • The annual Holiday 100.

Why we care. Marketers should stay current with Google’s new features to expand their avenues for reaching potential customers, broaden their reach, and potentially improve conversions for a better return on investment (ROI).

New deals hub. Google has launched this new spot for exclusive shopping deals. The search engine’s deals hub has been designed to make it easy for consumers to discover discounted products from various websites in one location.

New pricing features. Google is launching several new pricing capabilities to encourage conversions, including:

  • A dedicated deals page that organizes millions of deals from thousands of brands and retailers in one place.
  • A “resume browsing” card on Chrome on desktop that shows shoppers products they recently viewed on shopping sites.
  • A new Discount tag icon in the the Chrome address bar to see available coupon codes from
    the site that shoppers are visiting.

In addition, merchants will be able to manage where their new deals are shown across Google within the Merchant Center settings.

Annual Holiday 100 list. Google is also launching its annual list of 100 gift ideas and insights based on trending searches throughout the year. Here, consumers will be able to explore shopping trends and gift ideas across categories like Wellness Essentials, Accessories, Home & Garden, Electronics, Travel, Stocking Stuffers, and Toys & Games.

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What Google is saying. A Google spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “There are 4x more searches for deals during the holiday season than other times of year.”
  • “With these new and expanded features, we’re making it easier to know what deals are out there — and how they stack up against each other — so consumers can shop their savviest this year.”

Deep dive. Visit the Google Ads Help Center for more information.


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