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5 Excellent Web Hosting Free Trials to Consider

Web hosting free trials give users a chance to experience the host first-hand before committing. It’s an essential aspect of the purchasing process that some web hosts somehow neglect. 

This omission isn’t necessarily out of malice, but some hosting providers are just that confident in their product. Today I’d like to share some of the hosting providers that offer a free trial – or some variation of it that’s similar.

Best Web Hosting Free Trial Offers

1. LiquidWeb

The Deal: Free trial for 14 days (no credit card required)

LiquidWeb has a range of powerful cloud, dedicated, reseller, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and WordPress server packages with much flexibility. Although this host doesn’t have the low-cost, shared hosting tier, they excel in managed enterprise-class solutions and target those that need high-availability mission-critical servers.

Because of this, LiquidWeb is better suited for larger businesses or professional users with the required budget in hand. Their packages are laden with impressive specs, and they host from a self-owned data center. 

Their managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce hostings are powered by their own Cloud called Nexcess that delivers exceptional speed, scalability, and security. Last but not least, who wouldn’t like to enjoy the offered 14 days free trial with no credit card required?

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Other Notable Features

Liquidweb dedicated, VPS, Cloud, and reseller packages are robust and promote cross-platform scalability. They also have firewalls, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), malware scanning and removal, plus more. WordPress hosting here is fully optimized and includes free nightly backups keeping sites more robust.

2. Interserver

The Deal: $0.01 for the first month; no credit card required

Interserver provides a fixed pricing scheme that offers discounted rates for users who pay annually. Bear in mind that many web hosts mark up their prices upon renewal so for Interserver, you won’t have to be concerned about any possible price hikes in future. 

In general, Interserver is suited for a wide range of users, from novices to seasoned users. However, if you’re an experienced user looking for development tools on the shared plans, Interserver may not suit you. 

Interserver shines with its “Price-Lock Guarantee,” which means no price hikes. Unlike most others, they don’t hike the rates upon renewal. So, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that there’ll be no increase in costs for web hosting. 

Although they don’t offer 100% free trial web hosting, their nominal fee of $0.01 for the first month for their shared and VPS hosting is pretty much “free.” You can pay via Paypal, and no credit card is required. Also, their VPS hosting plans are highly configurable, which gives you the flexibility you may need.

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Other Notable Features

With a decent mix of performance and reliability, Interserver has a strong track record. They have useful value-added services, such as free migration, free SitePad website builder, and website cleaning; they guarantee that they will help clean up hacked or compromised accounts.

3. Hostinger

The Deal: Free trial through a 30-day money-back guarantee

Hostinger promises an easy-to-use, reliable, and developer-friendly web hosting service that comes with stellar features, security, and fast speeds. Most of all, this service comes at a price that is affordable to everyone. If you’re looking for a cheap web hosting service, Hostinger could be it for you. 

Their service is user-friendly and great for beginners. Having said this, Hostinger also caters to a wide range of users. You may think that since their pricing is cheap, you won’t get much, but this is far from the truth.

What we simply love about Hostinger is that you’re paying a low price while getting all the goodies as well. You also get a Git environment even on shared hosting alongside a free website builder for newbies.

Finally, their 30-day money-back guarantee will give you that peace of mind. So, even though you’ve paid upfront, it means a full refund if you’re unhappy. No hassles, no risks, and no credit card required too. 

You can choose to pay via PayPal if you’re uncomfortable using your credit card. In a sense, you’ll get a “free trial.”

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Other Notable Features

Hostinger has a good spread of hosting plans available, which caters to a broader audience. Their hPanel is user-friendly, and Git environment is also available on shared hosting plans. Premium and Business shared hosting plan users get a free domain name for life.

4. InMotion Hosting

The Deal: ‘Free trial’ via a 90-day money-back guarantee

In general, InMotion Hosting is a high-performing, reliable option and one of the best all-around web hosting industry options. They offer more freebies at basic levels, as compared to other bigger web hosting companies. 

We highly recommend InMotion for any small and budding businesses, as their package pricing is pretty competitive. cPanel helps make their plans easy to use, and these plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It’s simply a must-consider host with excellent long-term prospects.

Armed with a substantial product range, InMotion manages to keep their plans at very good prices. This makes them very palatable, especially for those who are just starting out. If your website needs to scale up, InMotion gives you that room to grow with no migrations required.

Like most other web hosts, the ‘free trial’ offered by InMotion rides on their money-back guarantee. The main difference here is that InMotion offers one of the longest periods, at 90 days.

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Other Notable Features

InMotion has enjoyed a strong and excellent track record. Also, they provide a choice of website builders, free domain name, migration services & AutoSSL, safe application rollbacks and Google Apps integration. Their VPS plans come with three dedicated IPs.

5. A2 Hosting

The Deal: Anytime money-back guarantee

A2 Hosting ticks most of the key checkboxes that are essential in a good web hosting provider. Coupled with having a good reputation, they offer solutions that are of a good mix of performance and features. Their anytime money-back guarantee literally means that you can kind of use their services for “free.”

A2 Hosting’s plans are developer-friendly, and the features are developer-oriented even on shared hosting. Aside from having fast loading speeds, their servers boast excellent uptime track records as well.

If there’s an issue with A2 Hosting, though, it’s that when the time for renewal comes around, the increase is often painful. Their plans aren’t cheap but come at a very hard quality to beat in respective categories.

VPS plans on A2 Hosting may seem very expensive, but that’s mostly due to management fees. For those with the necessary technical experience, they offer unmanaged VPS at attractive prices.

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Other Notable Features

There are custom optimization tools available with free website migration and encrypted backup solutions. Along with the much-welcomed anytime money-back guarantee, there are very high sign-up discounts available too.

Understanding Web Hosting Free Trials

Before you snort in disgust, don’t take the term “Web hosting free trial” quite so literally. There are many ways that web hosting companies offer this, even if they don’t state it directly. 

Remember that these companies have to weigh the benefits of offering the “free” experience against those who try and game the system. So keep your eyes open for how they word the offers – a money-back guarantee, for example, is almost as good and fair to both parties.

It can be more challenging for those seeking more advanced hosting like Cloud or VPS to find a host offering free trials. This rarity is because most users will take on shared hosting first before moving on to better plans.

Take your time to experiment with a few hosts and see which suits your needs before committing to a three or even five-year plan. That way, you’ll know if the host is good and can maximize your savings with a more extended subscription.

Is a Credit Card Always Required?

Some web hosting companies that offer free trials do indeed want you to provide a credit card first. This helps them ensure that you’re a serious buyer and can afford to subscribe for a more extended plan.

However, this isn’t always the case, and some don’t put forth this requirement. This is especially true for web hosts that accept various payment methods such as PayPal. To be safe, though, if you want to avoid using one, make sure you look for a host that states explicitly that “no credit card is required.”


Not all web hosts are equal, and this is especially true when it comes to user experience. While you may tell some generics from user reviews, all of us use web hosting in our personal style. That’s why a first-hand experience is so important.

This experience is especially needed when considering a host that offers custom applications such as Hostinger’s hPanel. Choose your host wisely and remember, sometimes just pay attention to the wording of their offer.

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