We’ve included a couple of Site Acceleration Tools into your Web Site Control Panel to help you to readily improve the online efficiency of your sites. You won’t have to customize anything with the backend code or try to make special adjustments that demand tech experience from you. In the Web Site Control Panel, only choose the application you wish to utilize – Node.js, Varnish and Memcached and set up an instance for it. It is all carried out with a click. By accelerating your web sites, you’ll not just stop your website visitors from needing to wait around but can even help your site get better positions in search engine listings.

You’ll find the Site Acceleration Tools in the Advanced Tools section of the Web Site Control Panel.


RAM–saving in place of data–base requests

Should you have a fast paced database–driven web site or web app, it could possibly have issues running fast for the customers as a result of the multiple queries delivered to the database. To aid you clear up the page loading trouble, we’ve integrated the Memcached system in the Web Site Control Panel.

Memcached is a powerful distributed memory caching platform, which caches information and also objects in the server’s RAM to stop the database from being asked any time a customer opens a certain page. Using this method, your site pages are going to load quicker for website visitors and definately will improve the possibility for them to return.

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RAM–storing rather than HTTP queries

Utilizing the Varnish web accelerator integrated into the Web Site Control Panel, you can easily make your web site pages come up a lot faster for your visitors. All configuration settings are performed via an easy to use interface, without having to create any immediate changes to the code of your website.

Varnish is really an HTTP acceleration instrument that can help all pages run better by caching them within the server memory. In this way, after a page has already been opened up by a visitor to your site once, it doesn’t need to be shipped from the hosting server anymore, which actually lessens website loading times and also quickens your web pages. It’s been measured that Varnish in general increases website loading times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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A simple way to develop adaptable apps

Should you wish to establish an application, it’s best to have all the instruments you need on hand immediately, without needing to browse, assemble and have them installed. Our Web Site Control Panel can save you both the time and expenses, by supplying you with the equipment you need right where you need it.

The Node.js platform allows programmers, no matter whether they are industry experts or otherwise, to make scalable network applications and sites. It’s in line with the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also the libUV. Node.js uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight as well as efficient, excellent for data–loaded live web applications operating through distributed devices.

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